Welcome, dear reader, to ADAM'S FINAL CUT, a website dedicated to the movies. Here you'll get reviews for movies new and old, reactions to some of the latest trailers, witty updates on what's happening in the world of movies, occasional TV reviews, and other film-related things I feel like talking about with you! Ultimately, my hope is that this will become a space for film fans like you and I to discuss and comment on the greatest art form of them all. So let's get rolling, shall we?


As far back as I can remember, I had a creative drive.

I loved stories growing up, and these stories would stick with me. I can remember being in class drawing crude scenes and posters for Christian versions of my favorite shows and games, or impossible sequels to my favorite books. I would create Word documents, type up a title, maybe add the first paragraph or plot summary, call myself a creative genius, and never look back. It seems silly in retrospect, but it led me to write a bona fide short story and, with prompting from my internet-savvy uncle and cousin, start a blog in 2007 ("Adam J [aka Pianoman]'s Blog") where I would write whatever was on my mind.


But the thing that fascinated me most was the movies. Namely, writing a movie. I loved the idea of actors on a huge silver screen saying the words I had written. That led me to pick up Screenwriting for Dummies at a young age, but I didn't really do much with it. Then eighth grade came along and began the process that would change the way I see movies forever. I started watching movie critics like Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann, and the Schmoes Know on YouTube while I was getting ready for school. Eventually, I also found the works of the great Roger Ebert. As I took in more film criticism and learned to analyze in my English classes, I was off to the races.

In 2013, I rethemed my original blog to Adam's Final Cut. Next thing I know, I'm attending my high school's Film Society (later serving as its President/Student Representative), writing a script that became a short film at the 2014 Sunscreen Film Festival, and gaining a reputation as a go-to movie guy. I recently graduated as a double-major in Cinema Studies and Writing & Rhetoric at one of the best universities this side of Walt's frozen head - the University of Central Florida. I love sharing what I love about the medium with others and introducing new stories to readers and viewers like you. So without further ado...

Let's celebrate film.


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