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Alicia Vikander's "Tomb Raider" Jumps Into Action With New Trailer

Way early this morning (or yesterday evening if you're on the West Coast), a trailer for the latest movie adaptation of the Tomb Raider games premiered on IGN Live (fun fact: one of the actors leaked a minute-long bit on his Instagram before removing it almost an hour later). This new film stars Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Ex Machina) as the Lara Croft character in an origin story, taking her from her wealthy life in England and out of her element to find her missing father and seal a tomb to save the world.

I don't have a particular connection to the Tomb Raider franchise. I've never played the games, but I am familiar enough with them, mostly the gritty 2013 reboot from which this film takes inspiration. And just by looking at this trailer, the film looks like it will be fun, and I think that's all the film ever planned to be--which is fine! Though Angelina Jolie starred in two films based on the games in the early 2000s, they were campy. This Tomb Raider looks like it will be a bit more grounded, though if the final seconds of the trailer with Shaun of the Dead's Nick Frost are any indication, there's still gonna be some cheesy camp, some of the groan-inducing variety. But let's not forget: Lucasfilm cut the whole "This is a Rebellion, isn't it? I rebel," bit from Rogue One, so anything's possible.

Overall, I say this looks like a healthy mix of Indiana Jones and Brendan Fraser's The Mummy (which, despite its flaws, had fun and passion!). There seems to be some good family drama reminiscent of The Last Crusade, while still a little silly like Fraser. Of course, it's good to be cautiously optimistic with video game movies, which are notably bad. Even some of the better ones like Prince of Persia don't stand up to repeat viewings, and while I expressed interest in seeing Michael Fassbender's Assassin's Creed, as soon as it got panned, I directed my wallet elsewhere (specifically, La La Land). But from what I see now, I would pay matinee price to watch it. It's a little generic and a little silly, but it looks quite enjoyable. I even want to pick up the latest games to get more familiar with the character before seeing the flick now!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you a fan of the games? Do you think it's generic or do you think it'll be a good time? Whatever you have to say about me or the movies, comment below!

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